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Permanent Cosmetic Makeup & Medical Tattoo Services

How do I care for my 'NEW' permanent make-up procedure? After your procedure you will receive a post treatment care instructional sheet. The overall success of your procedure is contingent upon you following the instructions. A follow up visit will be scheduled 4-6 weeks from your initial application. This is to 'fine tune' and touch-up any area of the skin that may have expelled the pigment.

What will I look like immediately following my procedure?  Your procedure area will be swollen. While the procedure area is healing, it must go through three phases before you will experience your final results. The procedure area must first heal, peel and fade. Final results may take 4-8 weeks to completely heal.

Can a person on medication have a permanent make-up procedure? Clients on medication should obtain a release from their physician prior to any permanent cosmetic procedure. The release should be written on the physician's prescription note pad and sent to the technician prior to the start of any procedure.

Do I have to take any precautions prior to lip procedure?  If you have had a cold sore or fever blister, you must take an antiviral pre-procedure. Your physician may prescribe Valtrex, Famvir or Zovirax. Herpetic outbreaks usually occur on the 3rd day post-procedure, and taking antivirals will lessen your outbreak chances. If you experience a herpetic outbreak, you may lose implanted color in the area of the outbreak. 

All you will need is mascara.
Permanent Makeup Faq's
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